Five reasons why Toronto is looking for a bright future

In recent years, "Toronto" was not happy with the results and was often the object of ridicule. But very soon the situation should change for the better.

Fans of "Toronto" are among the most unfortunate people on earth in the last 10 years. The legendary "maple leaves" only once hit the NHL playoffs from the 2005/2006 season, and the last victory in the Stanley Cup and will soon celebrate a weighty jubilee - 50 years.

Such a long series can not boast of any other league team. In this case, "maple leaves" continue to be one of the two most titled teams of the NHL. On account of the "Toronto" as many as 13 Stanley Cups, more than only sworn rivals from the "Montreal", who submitted to the main hockey trophy as many as 24 times. However, soon the band of failures "Maple Leafs" can be interrupted, and there are reasons for this.

Management of the club: Shehanah and Lamorello

Legendary Canadian hockey player Brandan Shenahan joined Toronto in April 2014, taking up the post of club director. A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame was called to be responsible for all operations in the organization, which imposed great responsibility on the young functionary, considering the team with what history he came.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the prospects of the Maple Leafs were very vague at that time. One nondescript season was replaced by another, and it seemed that the light at the end of the tunnel would appear very soon. The first season went to swing, but in the second year of Shenanen's rule, a strategy of action began to be traced, which for some time began to make sense.

This was largely contributed by Lou Lamorello, who in July 2015 was appointed general manager of the club. It is interesting that the first hockey player, whom Lamorello chose as general manager in the distant year of 1987, was exactly Shenanen. Now Lu is formally working under the command of Brandan, which, of course, is very conditional. The old ties will help the two leaders build a long-term plan for building a new team. Both have won almost everything that is possible in hockey, so the lack of psychology of the winner does not even need to stutter in their case.

The first draft number: Auston Matthews

The first draft number-2016 already this season should feel the taste of the best league in the world. And something suggests that everything should turn out for him. The American plays in the position of the center forward, and elite centers in the NHL are priced, so the super talented hockey player of this role is a serious bonus for the future. The bosses of the "maple leaves" are confident that Matthews will become the leader and face of the club for many years.

Last season, Oston received valuable experience, playing with the men in the championship of Switzerland, and looked there more than worthy. In 36 matches for local "lions" Matthews scored 24 goals and gave 22 assists with a score of "+16".

The cherry on the cake was a performance for the US team at the World Championships in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the Americans with the active help of Oston reached the semi-finals. Perhaps the main factor for the American will be the ability to cope with the pressure, which in Toronto will be most powerful. The young guy will be pressured by the press, fans, perhaps even his own leadership. If Matthews adjust, "Toronto" already in the near future will appear a team capable of much.

Stable financial situation

In the modern sports world, to achieve success without a secure financial position is almost impossible, and the "Toronto" has money, and there is no doubt about it. It is no coincidence that Maple Leafs was almost the main contender for the leader of Tampa Stephen Stamkos, who changed his mind at the last moment and remained in the camp of Lightning. Serious finances, pledged to the contract of Stemkos, remained unchanged, which gives management a pleasant variation on the transfer market.

As a result of an exchange with Anaheim, Danish goalkeeper Frederik Andersen came to the club, which was called to close the problem position of the first issue for Toronto. On how competently Shenanah, Lamorello and Babcock are ruled by solid financial opportunities, will depend on how soon the "maple leaves" become contenders for getting into the playoffs. It is unlikely that this will happen this year, but in a season fans of the "Toronto" can fully expect a long-awaited breakthrough.

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