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Canada men's national ice hockey team

In 1963 Father David Bauer created Canada men’s national hockey team, also known as “Team Canada”, a team born from passion, coming out of the University of British Columbia. Little did he know what he had created and what glory was it going to achieve. Some say this team to take everything for themselves and let nothing for anyone.

Team Canada is, at the moment, leading the international play, being the winners of the 1972 Summit Series against the Soviet Union, obtaining four out of five Canada Cups, nine Olympic gold medals (the most in the world) and many more. Canada men’s national hockey team is a member of the “Big Six”, an unofficial group made out of the six greatest international hockey teams, along with Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Sweden and USA.
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The Olympic ice hockey tournaments that have been held between 1920 and 1968 also counted as World Championships, so Team Canada added to their collection another 15 Olympic medals. The rise of Canada men’s national hockey team showed off and brought in the spotlight a great number of professional ice hockey players. Maurice Richard is believed to be one of the best hockey players Canada has ever produced. He won two Hart Trophies as a league MVP and was the one to lead the Montreal Canadiens into winning eight Stanley Cups.

A rivalry between Canada and Russia, two nations with the best ice hockey teams, was there since the beginning of time and it was revealed by their will of playing the eight games with the purpose of spreading the game and at the same time, showing off their supremacy. Four of the games were played in Canada and the other four in Moscow. Nonetheless, the Russian team was eager to show their skill and to claim the Canadian games as being theirs.

Team Canada competes in the Spengler Cup against European club teams, HC Davos being the one to host the tournament every year in Vaillant Arena. Team Canada has won 15 Spengler Cups, which is tied with the hosts, HC Davos, for the most titles. Besides that, Canada men’s national ice hockey team is the first one to defend gold at Sochi in 2014, becoming the first men’s team to do so after Soviet Union’s team in 1998. All in all, over the years Canada has produced lots of great professional players, and with their help, Team Canada managed to win so many trophies.

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